Doing your best work and life and loving it

is not achieved by working harder or by being smarter…

How then?

How does one athlete rise from 28th in the world to winning a Gold medal 🥇at the Olympics?

How does a business owner get to know their kids again and be truly present at family time?

How does a busy manager find peace and calm to reconnect with their creativity and joy?

It’s NOT by putting in more effort or doing more work, NOT even smarter work.

Find out exactly how in this workshop:

The special techniques Olympians and high-performing leaders use

to stay consistently motivated, and

enjoy high performance and sound mental and physical health.

Learn cutting-edge but simple and easy to use techniques of how to:

Calm and focus your mind

Get the most enjoyment of the present moment and task

Perform at your optimal level

Role model the behaviour to your team

Participants’ experience of the workshop…

“I learned how to reset between tasks and between work and home so that I can be more relaxed and more productive.”

“I now understand why multi-tasking is not good for my work and my brain and how I should work instead. I want to learn more about the brain.”

“The workshop was amazing!! I loved how we all shared our experiences together and our goals, it was very motivational. I found the examples and models very useful and learned from that.”

Team members at 365 Solutions Group, Brisbane, Australia

“This workshop is a really simple yet powerful way of understanding how it’s the little things that make a big difference in outcomes, and you leave with actionable plans for embedding those small changes to help the team achieve at a higher level and feel better themselves, their contribution and their future while doing it. I highly recommend this workshop to any business leader who wants to help their team improve their performance and emotional well-being – and who wouldn’t want that?!”

Tristram Morgan, CEO of 365 Solutions Group, Brisbane, Australia

Love to help your leaders become happier and more productive?

Book this workhop for your organisation!

Contact Denitza on 0404 128 135

About the Presenter


Thank you for your interest in this workshop!

My name is Denitza Genova.

I am a Performance and Wellbeing Strategist, Trainer and Coach and my mission is:

Creating Happy Leaders and Organisations by improving both performance and wellbeing with simple strategies and models.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Warm Regards,


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