…what it would feel like to achieve your work and business dreams without pressure, stress or personal sacrifices

…what it would feel like to lead a team of people who all pull in the same direction and work equally hard no matter where they are - in the office or at home, online or offline

…what it would feel like to have energy and vitality for what is important in your life

…what it would feel like to be truly happy

If you are a busy manager or leader with multiple responsibilities for your team, customers, suppliers, family and community and…

…don’t want to feel

  • The stress of ever increasing responsibilities and the feeling you are not sure what you’re doing is right or good enough

  • Tired an lacking the energy and enthusiasm to share with your team and your loved ones

  • Depressed or anxious about the decisions you make and life in general

…want to feel

  • Confident and empowered as a leader, certain in your decisions and fast with your actions

  • Healthy, full of energy and enthusiasm for all your important people and events in your life

  • Happy and relaxed about the decisions you make and the life and work paths you take

Become a Happy Leader

Take the first step today and ask me about my/your “ I am a Happy Leader” coaching program

Who I help

  • Emerging/new leaders looking for the best knowledge and skills to become an empowering, inspiring and transformational leaders and to feel happy and healthy

  • Existing leaders looking to add more value to their work and their team and to feel happy and healthy

  • Business owners going though growth/ expansion looking to add the right people to their team, to make sure everyone pulls together in the right direction, and to feel happy and healthy

What you get

A Coaching Program:

  • Lifts your performance and wellbeing in a simple and fun way (without complexity and stress)

A Coaching Process:

  • Empowering – Gives you control and follows your priorities and agenda

  • Upskilling – most coaches act just as accountability partners who check in and on your progress – instead you also get a coach who gives you extra skills: management , leadership, self-care and coaching.

  • Simple - you already have a lot on your plate, so we keep it simple with just the right amount of practice to build good habits and skills

  • Individualised - there is no single way that will work equally well for you and everyone else, because you are not like everyone else. Not everyone likes exercising alone or counting calories and weighing meals. Such strategies will not have a lasting success for everyone. What has lasting success is based on your circumstances, goals and unique personality.

  • Safe -There are no extreme methods, but simple and fun strategies and tools +

100% money back guarantee +

Extra education/ training so you feel more confident to make decisions and apply the coaching tools and strategies

Client Service:

  • Convenient Time and Place - You don't need to get up at 3am for a webinar or group coaching. We can meet when you like, in your lunch break or after work and where you like – online or face-to-face if practical

  • Flexible and rewarding payment terms - You can pay in instalments or get discounts for upfront payment in full

  • Responsive and caring service - As a person with many years of lived experience with management/leadership, physical and mental health …

…I get you and I am here to help in the best way I can.

Want to be a Happy Leader?

Let’s have a chat…

Want more Value, Joy and Health at work and in life, and less Waste, Complexity and Stress?

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