My Why, What and How:

Happy and Healthy Leaders and Companies,

through improved Performance and Wellbeing,

measured by more Value, Joy and Health and less Waste, Complexity and Stress,

where performance is aligned so that

everyone is pulling in the same direction no matter where they work – offline or online, at work or at home and

feels good about their work and their life.

Now the longer story through the lessons I’ve learned through my many and various experiences as a trainer, coach, mentor, and consultant:

I first stepped on my professional path back in 1999 as a policy advisor to the Bulgarian government in the ministry of Agriculture during the country’s accession to the European Union.

Through negotiations in Brussels I learned how to stand up and take big responsibility, casting away the fear of the enormity of the occasions and the big, intimidating scene of the EU government.

Then as a small business consultant in a Bulgarian-German enterprise support centre I learned organisation, personal and operational planning straight from one of the most organised people on the planet 😊. I’ve been fortunate to share those skills with my students and clients - students, emerging leaders and managers in Europe and Australia.

After that while working in China I learned about respecting seniority and working with diverse cultures and educating and doing business through interpreters. On occasions I was asked to step out for being young and a woman, which didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for teaching and consulting, it just meant I had to adapt and embrace the local culture. In my first Australian home Adelaide, and in the University of Adelaide, I learned about working in teams and learning about business all in a foreign language.

In my first Australian assignment, coaching start-up businesses I learned about appreciating diversity and the hardships everyday people endure in the chase of their dreams for a better life for themselves and for their families.

Running my own training and consulting company I got to meet and teach many wonderful team leaders and managers in beautiful Adelaide and in the process balance the needs of the companies / the owners with the needs of the employees whilst helping them navigate a tough landscape of ever increasing red tape.

I also got to experience a life of an army reservist in the RAAF base in Adelaide and appreciate the work and sacrifices of our army personnel; I also co-created the first mentoring and coaching manual for the 11th Squadron of the RAAF.

Moving to Brisbane I opened a different chapter of learning lessons and applications by creating a “Work smart-have Fun” workplace program, which was still in its infancy of acceptance by the corporate world but was eagerly implemented by the smaller local entrepreneurs looking for an edge and a better work-life balance.

I also taught budding entrepreneurs in primary school and two Australian universities, where I met had to balance rewarding good student performance and sanctioning poor student performance with the universities’ financial performance needs equally dependant on both.

As a keen learner and implementer, I embraced new technology and co-created a marketing, sales, and service system for the financial and building industries, using Artificial Intelligence. In the building industry specifically the investment in the system is less than 5% of turnover it generated.

And then came the burnout…with a hospital visit and a recovery, which came with a different set of life and work lessons.

It taught me the value of looking after my Wellbeing and that being good is good enough.

Of all life, business, and work lessons this was one of the most valuable one.

It was so profound that I qualified as a Mental Health First Aider and I love helping people with the tough conversations about feelings, stress and mental health alongside the “normal” topics of managing self and others, whilst juggling many other responsibilities for customers and family in the pursuit of being a good manager and leader.

This is my learning journey and the lessons I am imparting today in my role as performance and wellbeing consultant and coach.

Looking forward to being of value and contribution to your performance, happiness and health.


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