Happy and Healthy Managers

and Companies

Hello! How are you today?

How do you want to be?

Happy and Healthy?

Of course!

The highest wish we hold for ourselves and for our loved ones is to be healthy and happy!

Healthy and happy equals Wellbeing.

But Wellbeing is one of these things we all want but can't always achieve.

Often it is because we can't define and articulate it in a way we can relate.

I define well-being as being healthy and happy, achieved through more Value / Meaning, Joy and Health (mental, emotional and physical) and less Waste, Complexity and Stress.

The same applies to organisations, where we also add financial health.

And so I have turned this into my mission to help people and organisations improve their Wellbeing by creating more Value, Joy and Health and less Waste, Complexity and Stress using the principle of personal and organisational Alignment and 4 core business systems: Culture, Strategy, Business Modelling and Performance Management.

Introducing..the F-ing (Feeling) Good Manager

So if you are a busy manager with multiple responsibilities for your team, customers, suppliers, family of growing kids or aging parents and really want to have

  • more joy from what you're doing at work and at home,

  • peace of mind that your team will look after your customers and after your company's resources well regardless of where they work - at home or in the office, online or offline,

  • the time and the energy to do the type of meaningful work you've always wanted to do whether it is through your company or in your community...

Get in touch or take a self-assessment quiz below to measure yours or your company’s Wellbeing.

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